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Dansette , Dansette Record Player


2 x New Cheney Brass Catches (29mmx45mm)

complete with 10 x 3/8” Screws   

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Revive your old Dansette record player with a touch of sparkle with these brand new catches and hinges. All come complete with screws so you don’t have to shop around for the correct sizes.

Typically found on models such as the Dansette Tempo, Bermuda MK1, Major Deluxe, Celebrity, etc. Available in Nickel on request.

2 x New Plain Brass Hinges (80mmx20mm)

complete with 8 x 3/8” Screws   

Typically found on models such as the Dansette Tempo, Bermuda MK1, Major Deluxe, Conquest Auto, Celebrity, etc. Please note these are exact replicas of the original hinges. Please be aware that smaller hinges which are being sold on ebay will not fit most Dansette record players. Available in Nickel on request. These are plain hinges and are not branded.


plus £2.00 p&p


plus £2.00 p&p

Special Offer:

Buy both catches and hinges complete with screws for only £19.00 plus £2.00 postage.

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