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Dansette Revolver Terms & Conditions 

23.01.2019 -  No forthcoming changes to announce.


  1. Bullet Sales direct through Dansette Revolver i.e. items serviced by the people at Dansette Revolver will be sold in complete working order and in good cosmetic condition unless otherwise stated.

  1. Bullet All items sold by Dansette Revolver will be honestly described to the best of our knowledge.

  1. Bullet Dansette Revolver will not be held responsible for any faults or repairs following the sale of any item that has been sold through www.dansetterevolver.co.uk.

  1. Bullet Dansette Revolver will not be held responsible for the condition of items sold through www.dansetterevolver.co.uk from a third party seller.


  1. Bullet By clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button on the item page the buyer will be directed to PayPal to enter payment details. By confirming the payment on PayPal the buyer is agreeing that they have read and accept the full item description and Dansette Revolver terms and conditions.


  1. Bullet All purchased items will be sent within 5 working days from payment received.

  1. Bullet For items £50.00 and over, a shipment tracking number will be forwarded to the buyer as soon as despatch is confirmed.

  1. Bullet For items £49.99 and under and which are small enough to be sent by Royal Mail, a proof of postage will be obtained.

  1. Bullet We will only ship to UK mainland. Uk regions excluded from this are - Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland, Channel islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and Scilly Isles.


  1. Bullet Dansette Revolver will not accept returns.

  1. Bullet All items sold through www.dansetterevolver.co.uk do not come with any guarantee or warranty unless otherwise stated.

Third Party Sales:

  1. Bullet Sales through a third party will be clearly marked in the description.

  1. Bullet Dansette Revolver will not be held responsible for incorrect information provided in the item advertisement from a third party seller.

  1. Bullet All communication and payments are dealt with between the Buyer and Seller.

Third Party Sellers:

  1. Bullet Sellers will forward all necessary images, video links, descriptions, pricing, shipping details and shipping costs to Dansette Revolver through the contact form.

  1. Bullet Insertion fees will be applicable. Following an item being submitted and checked the seller will receive an email containing a link to an online page which will contain a ‘Buy Now’ button. This will forward you to PayPal and the required insertion fee will be displayed.

  1. Bullet Insertion fee brackets are as follows -

Items up to £4.99 - Free

Items £5.00 up to £44.99 - £5.00

Items £45.00 up to £99.99 - £10.00

Items 100.00 up to £199.99 - £15.00

Items £200.00 upwards - £20.00

  1. Bullet Items suitable for inclusion will appear on the website within 5 working days of receipt. Adverts will remain on the site for 28 days from inclusion. If the item is sold or is no longer available during this 28 day period we must be informed by email.

  1. Bullet Items suitable for inclusion will be the sellers exact description.

  1. Bullet For items not suitable for inclusion, we will contact the seller by email and will refund the insertion fee.


  1. Bullet As there is currently no customer account login facility, Dansette Revolver will process the submitted advertisements manually so please allow up to 5 working days before contacting us.

  2. Bullet Although we do our best to thoroughly clean all record players, please bear in mind that they are over 50 year old, used items and may have stains or odours that have attached themselves over the years that are too stubborn to get out completely.

All terms and conditions are liable to change. A notice will be put at the top of this page giving clear indication that changes will be made following a 10 day period from the date shown.

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