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Dansette , Dansette Record Player


Dansette Tempo

Auto Record Player in Black & Cream

Cleaned and restored by Dansette Revolver


  1. Bullet Single valve amp

  2. Bullet 2 knob controls for on-Volume-off and tone

  3. Bullet Single Speaker

  4. Bullet Garrard 6 auto-changer record player deck

  5. Bullet X5H cartridge

  6. Bullet Brand new ST8 LP/78 Stylus

Technical information:

  1. Bullet Brought up to UK standards with a new gold 3-core flex cable and 3 amp plug

  2. Bullet Earthed for safety

  3. Bullet All capacitors changed to modern day equivalents

  4. Bullet Full mechanical service ensuring all moving parts have been well oiled and greased

Cosmetic Details:

  1. Bullet Cleaned thoroughly both inside and outside of cabinet

  2. Bullet Original Hinges and replacement Cheney catches

  3. Bullet All moving parts have been thoroughly cleaned

  4. Bullet Original covering all over. Black has been brought up to new standard on the outside covering

  5. Bullet Original lid labels and replacement high quality replica control knob labels

Sound and Performance:

  1. Bullet Full working order

  2. Bullet Usual slight hum from the valve amp

  3. Bullet Good volume output


  1. Bullet This Tempo comes with a BSR UA25 deck as opposed to the usual Garrard Auto Slim deck

Minor Problems:

  1. Bullet Cream covering is dis-coloured in places (please see photos and video)

  2. Bullet Marks to inside of lid (please see photos and video)


  1. BulletAll record players are put on a final test for 4 - 5 days once sold prior to despatch.

  2. Bullet A suitable date for delivery will be arranged with the buyer. Item must be signed for

  3. Bullet Will be packed carefully with bubble wrap and polystyrene pieces to avoid damage in transit and will be sent via courier.

  4. Bullet Tracking number will be sent via email as soon as item is despatched.

  5. Bullet Shipping to UK mainland only. Please see terms & conditions for full details.

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